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Rajasthan Business Directory

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Rajasthan Business Directory is certainly the most comprehensive reference and information source featuring entire spectrum of business products & services from the largest Indian state of Rajasthan. Rajasthan Exporters' Directory, Rajasthan Industries' Directory & Rajasthan Business Directory (RBD) - this established and unique trio is the most important source of information for doing Business in & with Rajasthan. These reliable sources are the outcome of unprecedented and the only of its kind joint effort in Rajasthan and on Rajasthan by a true and a strong Rajasthan Association (RCCI) and a professionally managed & seasoned Rajasthan based information services company (Dial Me Now). RBD can boast of covering business, industry and trade of almost all sizes, segments, categories, structures and constitution. Besides being the most comprehensive of the three, it is the toughest to compile and edit as it was indeed an herculean task to collect, compile, organise, rectify, cross-check, segment this sheer volume of data for the strong, qualified, experienced and hard-working team behind, burning its midnight oil and racing against the clock. We at RCCI and Dial Me Now believe in change and constant improvement, thereby this compendium has evolved into a very judicious and logical blend of knowledge, information and data. In today's fast changing online and digital world, printed and offline contents need to be transformed, realigned and rectified accordingly, and towards the same we have ceaselessly being trying to work on the relevance of data, quality and quantity of information, the look and feel, user friendliness. This time on the suggestion and feedback received from the users, advertisers and experts, we have divided this information source into two broad sections - Information Pages (Section-I), Division-wise Data Pages (Section-II) in a little bit more practical and relevant manner. Section-I (Information Pages on Rajasthan) : This section starts with Rajasthan Business Map which very well presents the whole business ecosystem of Rajasthan - the Railway & Road Infrastructure of the State & the Industrial Areas. Above all these, we have pointed out the area-wise clusters of businesses, hubs and some major players, which make this map different, unique and more informative as compared to other commonly available maps of Rajasthan. The chapter - All about Rajasthan, as the name suggests, literally says everything about Rajasthan. It covers history, geography, economy, demography, physical & social infrastructure, mineral wealth & tourism wealth besides, agriculture & allied scenario, industrial scenario, presenting all of them with numerous informative tables. Realising the importance of compliance and legal knowledge in today's business world, we have incorporated a chapter- Some Important Acts & Enactments at a Glance. In order to make it more referenceable and useful, we have always loaded our publications with relevant and useful information, required for smooth & informed business functioning. Chapters like - List of Central & State Govt. Organisations & Other Agencies with Main Role in Business, Trade Bodies/Chambers/Business Associations in Rajasthan are serving the aforesaid purposes to its core. This time we have profiled more number of Prominent Businessmen of Rajasthan as a token of respect and appreciation of their efforts and contribution to the whole business ecosystem and making Rajasthan proud by placing it on the world business map. For the first time ever by any information source, we have successfully presented a very difficult to find and compile - Listed Companies of Rajasthan on Main Board & SME Platforms of NSE and BSE Section – II (Database of Business Enterprises in Rajasthan): To present the huge business database, we have strategically divided Rajasthan into 12 divisions (The list of the divisions is given in Contents), as per the proximity of the districts and the towns clustered for making it more user friendly. Every division starts with presentation page highlighting Contents, the magnified encircled image of the cluster on Rajasthan Map and Segment Index. Each district of the division has been profiled on a page highlighting Introduction, Places of Interest, General Information and District Map. For ease in referring the directory we have prepared Alphabet-wise Segment Index at the start of each district. Last but not the least and as always, please refer – Contents, How To Use And Refer This Directory, Segment Index Tables for ease in referring the directory and for faster reference and better results. Hope this invaluable directory, like our past successful publications- Rajasthan Exporters' Directory and Rajasthan Industries Directory continues to serve all its purposes well and benefit everyone at large.


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